Welcome to ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Examination

Information for students

The examination paper is in four sections. Attempt all sections and all questions.

The time allowed is two hours. There is no additional time allowed for reading the examination paper.

90 marks are available. To pass you must achieve at least 63 marks (70%), and you must achieve at least 50% in each of the four sections. The maximum marks for each question, or part of a question, are shown in brackets.

Your answers must be written on the sheets supplied. Please avoid writing in the margins; these are for the markers. Write on the reverse side of a page if necessary. Additional loose sheets will not be accepted.

All references to ISO 9001 refer to the latest issue.

Examination technique

Time management is very important in the examination. For guidance, the average time available is:

Allow enough time to read each question properly. Make sure you understand what is being asked for before starting to write your answer.

Where appropriate, the action verb that indicates the depth of answer required by the question – explain, list, describe – is printed in bold. You should ensure you understand the meaning of these terms (see below). Full marks will not be awarded for a list if an explanation is required. Conversely, it is a waste of time to provide a detailed explanation if the question asks for a list.

Action verb           Meaning

describe                  depict in words

explain                   give a clear account of

outline                    give the most important features of (less depth than explain or describe)

give                        provide without explanation (used normally with the instruction to ‘give an example (or examples) of ….’)

list                          provide a list without explanation (bullet points)

identify                   select and name

define                     provide a generally recognised or accepted definition state  a less demanding form of ‘define’ or where there is no generally recognised definition